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I see there is a fee that I need to pay. What is that?

What all does the tuition cover?

The tuition cost includes tuition, administrative fee, SLED background check, PPD, and drug screen.

Is there a payment plan?

There is a initial nonrefundable payment applied toward tuition, however the remaining balance is due first day of class. Payments of the course can be performed in one of two options:

Option A includes: Full Payment of tuition Cost will be due the first day of class.
Option B includes: Half of tuition will be due the first day of class and the  second half will be due 30 days after start of course.

You must submit documentation when applying stating which option of payment plan that you want to perform, otherwise you will be set to full payment due first day of classs.


How long is the course?

Nurse Aide Training - Training program is eight weeks in length including, 60 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of clinical rotation as required by the state. Classes meet on Monday through Wednesday from 6PM-10PM. This includes both classroom and clinical instruction.

Are you accepting the Palmetto Caregivers Scholarship?

Due to recent changes, Caring Hands training center will no longer be accepting Palmetto Caregivers Scholarship.

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